2017-05-24 00:19:52 by ChervoniToro

Currently working on a short animation titled "PUYA". Follow me on Twitter for more updates! @ChervoniToro !

The first episode to my new mini series, Tales Of The Dead is out now! Make sure to go check it out and write your thoughts in the comments below :) Really Hope you guys enjoy it, for a lot effort was put into it. Damn, 9 months in the making, can you believe it? Geez.

Ladies and Gents, I have a very special announcement. For the past 9 months, I have been working on an animated psychological horror. It is almost done, and it will be released very soon. It is probably the biggest project I've ever worked on and I am happy with the way it's coming out. Please note, however, the animation sort of changes throughout the cartoon. The reason for this is because in the production of this toon I was learning different techniques for animating different things lol. But yeah! I'm excited for you guys to see it :) Also, heads up: It includes Blood and Gore, Themes of Suicide, and Strong Language :P Stay Tuned! <3   

Holy shit, guys! Thank you so much for those who rated my animated parody of Edmund Mcmillen's game, The Binding Of Isaac. I really appreciate the feedback I received. It isn't Under Judgement anymore, and it passed! So ye, THANK YOU ;)

Ayy guys, I made a animated parody of the Edmund Mcmillen's video game, The Binding Of Isaac! It is currently under judgement and I would appreciate if you could take the time to rate it :) Please be honest, btw. Thank you! 

Hello Newgrounds!!

2016-05-11 22:22:07 by ChervoniToro

 I finally got Newgrounds! Planning on posting drawings more than actual cartoons so.. ye. Fun.